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Our Pups

Our Pups


AKC Registered



About Our Dogs

The Labrador Retriever is the #1 dog breed in the US, and for many reasons. They are sturdy, well-balanced, active, and friendly towards people and other animals. They have a beautiful dense coat that can be yellow, black, or chocolate. The Palenske Labs blood line carries all three colors and have a respectable background in family and field. Our labs are loving, affectionate and patient dogs. They are extremely intelligent, quick to learn, good-natured and love to play, especially in the water!

Our dogs here at Palenske Homestead work alongside the family and property keeping predator's away. When hunting, season comes these pups have drive to retrieve and please its owner in any given weather.  Our pups are AKC Registered and only bred responsibly, giving us one to two litters in their lifetime so they remain healthy, happy, and producing top-notch pups. 


Our next litters are planned for summer 2022. We will make an official announcements on Facebook and by email, feel free to follow our page or sign up below if you think you will be interested in one of these amazing new puppies. Also, we invite you to stop by our farm to meet the parent dogs in person and discuss their lineage. 

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